Enviroment protection

IMPOL SEVAL business activity performance is based on a responsible attitude toward the environment with a constant urge to either minimize or -if possible- eliminate any effects or risks which may cause adverse consequences for environment.

Environment protection programme is applied by all Company units in compliance with applicable rules . Both implementation of measures aimed at business improvement and investments and improvement of energy efficiency confirm that the Company is oriented at permanent local and global improvement of environment quality, with a particular concern for the plant influence area.

Pursuant to legislation, all parameters that may affect the environment are monitored. Monitoring results are analyzed and submitted to authorities.

Organizational structure, technological and financial resources ensure that necessary measures are applied in order for us to:

  • Operate in compliance with legislation referring to environment protection,
  • Monitor prospective contaminators and prevent contamination,
  • Apply investments in order to reduce emission levels,
  • Utilize raw material, energy and natural resources more efficiently,
  • Constantly improve protection performance of all environment media.
Having introduced modern technological solutions through both investments into a new equipment and modernization of the existing one, a constant progress with regard to reduction of adverse effects of production processes on the environment is being made.

We at Impol Seval Inc have applied a methodological approach to waste management thus specifying practices, responsibilities and tasks of the employees in terms of either prevention or reduction of waste generation, as well as proper proceedings referring to all types of waste matters inevitably generated.

Both hazardous and non-hazardous waste is resposibly managed including a full application of principles of both a hierarchical appoach and applicable regulations and norms.

Impol Seval Inc has received Integral Permission for Non-Hazardous Waste Storage and Treatment - for aluminium scrap and leftovers. This Integral Permission was issued by decision of The Town Management for Planning, Building and Legal Affairs of The Town of Uzice, No. VI No.504-3/10 dtd August 24, 2011

Dragan Jovanović, director