Human resources

Starting from the year 2008, with minor deviations, the number of the employed at Impol Seval system has been abt 673, which is an optimum number.

As a sequence of total, 543 people are employed at Impol Seval Inc while in limited liability companies (Impol Seval Tehnika d.o.o., Impol Seval Final d.o.o., Impol Seval PKC d.o.o. and Impol Seval President d.o.o.), owned by Impol Seval Inc, there are abt 130 employees in total.

In the vocational structure, there is a high percentage of highly educated human resources and qualified production workers.

After privatisation, Impol Seval employed over 180 new employees with various skills thus contributing to depreciation of effects of infavorable age structure.

For the first two years after privatisation, we were intensively training majority of employees in order for them to acquire knowledge required both to work with computers and to speak foreign languages.

After this, through numerous newcoming business activities and investments, over 80% of employees have been included in trainings ensuring additional level of key competence for the tasks assigned.
Permanent training and specialization of the employees, as well as their personal development, has become and remained a priority of Impol Seval in terms of human resources.

In order to avoid costs of wrong evaluation, a special attention is paid to both external and internal recruitment procedures, with an aim to fully highlight competence of each employee.
Impol Seval is interested in new young human resources who are ambitious and ready to invest into both themselves and the Company; they will get an adequate corporate support for common further progress purposes.

In a long term, there is a need for highly educated human resources coming from the fields of metallurgy and mechanical engineering, electronics, technology, law, human resources administration, as well as for occupations related to either production (cast house operators, rolling mill operators) or maintainance of machines and equipment or works related to immediate organization of production processes.

At the same time, we are ready to work and cooperate with anyone offering new ideas and effects for Impol Seval’s benefit in any way. Along the common path, goals are accomplished and employees’sense of belonging to the system is developed.

Through recognition of differences, creativity is cherished.

With highly developed awareness that corporate success is the success of all employees, healthy occupational conditions and environment and, most importantly, life and health of employees are built and preserved.