We live in the Aluminium Era

Aluminium's good properties have resulted in a continuous 5 % annual consumption rise, exceeding all other metals. Remelted and reused with relatively minimum losses, this metal provides  excellent reuse and recycling opportunities making it one of the most environmentaly friendly materials.

About 48 million tonnes of primary aluminium are manufactured per year and about 20 million tonnes of secondary aluminium are reprocessed all over the world.

Which features place aluminium way ahead of other materials?

  • A lower specific weight bringing savings in the transport industry by reducing the weight of vehicles, vessels, aircraft, etc.
  • Resistance to atmospheric effects (as aluminium products do not rust, maintenance costs are reduced).
  • An excellent conductivity (aluminium and its alloys constitute the sole material that can be applied for transmission of high voltage electricity).
  • Specific mechanic properties facilitate relatively good formability.
  • It poses no health hazard.
  • It can be reused by means of recycling.
  • Long service life.