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The driving force in the automotive industry

The automotive industry is driven by desire to reduce vehicle weight and consequently greenhouse gas emissions,such as CO2, as well as the consumption of fossil fuels. With their excellent properties, low weight, good mechanical properties and a cost-effective production process, aluminium alloys facilitate a sustainable growth of the automotive industry demanding a wider field of application.

Quality of aluminium products and customer service

We manufacture products of exceptional quality, meeting the highest standards in terms of mechanical properties, with due consideration given to the customer’s requirements and the related processes. Our full understanding of the process provides for comprehensive technical support. Development of production technology is adjusted to the specific nature of each individual customer's demand. Diverse manufacturing processes and state-of-the-art research equipment provide grounds for development and production of semi-finished products used in automotive industry.

We produce alloys in our own cast house. This fact made the market  recognize us as a large producer of the 1xxx, 3xxx and 5xxx series  alloys.
Impol Seval is featured by synergic development involving the customers in  production and sales operations. Our processes are constantly improved by innovative technologies and solutions facilitating output of products with even better properties.

Advantage of our range

Our special alloys, solutions and production equipment facilitate utilization of the material in various automotive applications. At the same time, we are able to provide a full customer service by means of an excellent sales network.

Contact for Europe, Asia and Africa:
Snežana Tešić
Nemanja Rosić
Miroslav Joksimović

Contact for Russia and CIS:
Miroslav Joksimović
    Bojan Lazić
    T: +38131591170

Contact for Serbia:
Radojka Obradović
T: 031/591120
   Danijela Arsović
   T: 031/591154