Prepainted coils and sheets

Coil Coating Line

Impol Seval Aluminium Rolling Mill has got over 30 years of experience in production of prepainted aluminium by coil-coating process.

It is a process where liquid paint is applied on degreased and pretreated aluminium strip surface by means of rolls and where paint is then cured in oven thus producing a solid yet flexible coat of paint capable of sustaining various types of bending and forming processes.

In order to be able to meet increasingly delicate customers’ requirements, and following technological development at the same time, we completed an investement for the new up-to-date coil coating line with annual capacity of 25,000 t of prepainted aluminium. Experience gained in working with the „old „line having been in operation since the distant year 1974 together with top technological solutions and high level of automation guarantee top quality of prepainted coils.The new trimming, degreasing and tension leveling line, having been an integral part of this investment, contributes to the top quality of prepainted coils. In this way, strips with exceptional flabtness without undulations are produced enabling production of prepainted coils intended for the most demanding products: panels, composite panels and alike.


High automation level of the new Line is applied in technological processes which are crucially important for final product quality:

  • Pre-treatment application and thickness control system
  • Automatic coat application unit
  • Substrate gauge control and prime and top coat thickness control by means of three thickness gauges.

Special attention is paid to ecology , as the new Line was manufactured in compliance with the strictest environmental protection standards.

In reference to the above stated, Impol Seval proves to be a socially responsible company which operates today thinking about the future and its successors, as we are doing our best to fully prevent the nature from degradation.


Due to corrosion resistance, low weight, exceptional formability and decorative properties, aluminium prepainted coils have got a wide range of application

They are mostly used in building industry for manufacturing:

  • Roofing, facades, building accessories (gutters, snow shields, baseboards,ridges,troughs, sills and other flashings),

  • Thermically-insulated panels and composite panels,
  • Suspended ceilings, sun protection elements (roller shutters, Venetian blinds, solomatics)

For household appliances:

  • Refridgerators, washing machines, micro-wave ovens, dish washers

For transportation means:
  • trailers,
  • Sport boats,
  • Boats etc
Traffic signs, license plates, billboards, advertising panels etc.

Product description




Impol Seval is exceptionally dedicated to product quality in complicance with a certified quality management system ( pursuant to ISO 9001:2015) with the following motto: „ Quality is top priority in operations of Impol Seval Aluminium Mill“.

The new coil coating line is based on above principles; coated coils are controlled according to ECCA norms (both in-line and in a modern laboratory installed in immediate vicinity of the Line)

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